Choosing a company to service your furnace and air conditioner

When considering a company and their service agreement there are some key things to look for that will help ensure you’re getting a quality service.

Reputation and length of time in business are always things to be confident in right off the bat. Most people want to do business with a service company that has a vested interest in the community. By vested I mean the company has a history of being involved maybe through the local chamber of commerce or other organizations. Companies that have been in business in one community with many ties for a long time tend to be more diligent about maintaining their reputations.

The more open the company is with references regarding specific customer experiences with their service agreement the better the chances are that the service is what you’re looking to purchase. Boiled down to two words it’s competence and dependability.

Credentials such as licensing and insurance don’t seem like they have much to do with servicing the furnace and they don’t but they do help establish a sense that the company is qualified.

In recent years the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification program has also gained wide acceptance as another credential for the consumer to require.

While asking about credentials pay as much attention to the attitude in which your requests are answered as the answers themselves. The company should appreciate you and your willingness to engage in a search for the best care for your heating and cooling equipment. Their willingness to share information with you should build confidence that their service is legitimate.

What do you look for in a service company?

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