Annual Service Agreement for Furnaces & Air Conditioners

You’re doing your part and changing the filters regularly now it’s time to consider an annual maintenance agreement.

A service agreement is the single best way to make your equipment last a full life with the least amount of repair bills. The average life expectancy for most residential heating and cooling units is right around 20 years. Folks are often surprised to find that these appliances are the most expensive to replace in their homes.

Apprehension regarding the purchase of an annual service agreement is normal. The units are usually located where they’re not seen much therefore forgotten. Most people don’t buy annual service agreements on their stove, refrigerator or washer and dryer, so they question why they should do that for the furnace and air conditioner. This leads to the bottom line concern…“Is it really worth it?”

The crux of the matter lays largely in what most people refer to as technical “mumbo-jumbo” and the fact that a furnace and air conditioners are in need of monitoring more than most kitchen appliances. Consumers want to know why that is and often would like personnel to identify the parts that need the annual attention. If a company isn’t willing to take the time to communicate the what, how and why of the service agreement the customer can’t realize the value. It’s just that simple.

How Walrath service technicians lend themselves as information resources has largely been the reason why thousands of Denver area consumers have realized the value in the Walrath Valued Patron (WVP) service agreement since the company opened in 1956.

The company feels an obligation to first present a professionally written service agreement with all tasks outlined for review. Customers are encouraged to ask questions about the service, the tasks themselves and what they mean. When on site and when the customer has an interest our technicians want to show them the where, what and why of the service.

Sharing information that allows customers to have a better understanding of how their heating and cooling equipment operates and why it needs to be maintained is paramount to proving that an annual service agreement is worthy of their continued participation.

Walrath interacts with our customers asking them to critique the WVP as well as our performance in an effort to continually deliver the best value. Some customer requests that have shaped the WVP revolve around loyalty. Priority customer status on emergency service, deeper discounts on repairs and replacements and service reminders.

Customers want to know that the service is worth the purchase and that the company will be there to respond to their needs in an efficient manner so they don’t have to continually seek out another company every time they need service on the heating and cooling system.

What makes you a loyal customer?

Don Downs

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